Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Dream Of Egon

Greetings, grrls and boys and a very special greeting to all you geeks out there!

Often I am asked how close I am to the character I play in Dead Hooker In A Trunk. Am I truly a Geek? Or am I a secret Badass? I mean, who DOESN'T wanna be Badass? Well, the answer is, and yes it is a bit of a cop out, I am little bit of both. I decided to take a little break from our usual blogs and post something deliciously nonsensical and geek~gasmic. I do indeed have deep geeky roots and have, as many others, loved many great geeks of comics, video games, television, and film. Fox Mulder of X-Files, Donatello of the Ninja Turtles, and, the man I dreamed of marrying in my youth, the epidemy of geeky gorgeousness, Egon Spengler.

That's right, ladies. Drink it in. That's some sweet ass Egon for you. Hungry for more? Here are some facts you may not know about my "intended/beloved"...

1.) The character of Egon Spengler was named after Oswald Spengler and a classmate of Harold Ramis' at Senn High School named Egon Donsbach who was a Hungarian refugee. Yes, Egon is, like me, presumably of Hungarian decent.

2.) He is the creator of the Ghostbusters' equipment along with Raymond Stantz, thus making him the brains of the Ghostbusters.

3.) Egon, though scientifically adept, is socially inept and relies largely on Dr. Peter Venkman to do the talking for the group.

4.) Reportedly due to legal issues concerning character/actor likenesses, Egon's likeness was changed from a brunette to a blond sporting a pony tail. Maurice LaMarche stated that when he auditioned for the part of Egon Spengler in The Real Ghostbusters, he was asked not to do an impression of Harold Ramis, a request he ignored because impressions were one of his strengths as a performer and there was no other way he could imagine properly portraying the character other than to follow Ramis's example.

5.) He collects spores, molds, and fungus.

6.) Egon is, admittedly, a sugar junkie, his favorites being "twinkies" and "nestle crunch bars".

7.) He has been romantically linked to Janine Melnitz, in both the films and tv series.

8.) Egon Spengler has a family history of witchcraft (three ancestors, Zedekiah, Eli and Ezekiel, were wizards), of which he is not so much ashamed as strongly considers irrelevant, mainly because he sees science as relevant.

9.) He grew up in Ohio.

10.) I'd still marry him today.

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