Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rhonny Reaper's Roadkill Cafe Book is Fuckin' Awesome

Now as you are well aware, my friends (and if not you really ought to be), that I truly enjoy the thrill of the hunt. I love to "discover" something new and wicked awesome and I am fortunate enough to met some truly outstanding people in this world.

One particular outstanding friend of ours is Rhonny Reaper. She's the owner and creator of DOLLAR BIN HORROR and co-hosts Dollar Bin Horror Radio with her partners Eric Polk and Brandon Sites. And the whole lot of them are bloody wonderful.

Not to mention she's believed in us and our DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK from the very beginning. If you think it sounds like this is one fantastical grrl, you are damn right. But the awesome doesn't stop there...

Her new anthology, Rhonny Reaper's Roadkill Cafe, was JUST released. And let me tell you, boys and grrls, it is very fucking awesome. It's filled with 21 stories by 21 AMAZING authors and each story follows the same theme as her previous release (Roadkill of course) in VERY unique and terrifying ways.

This collection of stories, as well as the one before, have been written by some downright outstanding writers, including our good friend and very talented gent, Sean Thompson. I, myself, cannot WAIT to get my paws on a copy. An autographed one.

You can support these great writers and this radcore book by grabbing yourself your very own copy right here :

ALSO her previous anthology, Rhonny Reaper's Creature Features, has $1 from all sales going to Diabetes Charities. That's right. You get an amazing collection of stories AND you're scoring points for the after life by being a model human being. Link to that one right here :

Enjoy the radstorm, my dears.


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  1. I'll send you autographed copies of every anthology I'm in!
    Once I get copies to autograph, that is!
    Everything's coming up Milhouse!