Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Two Part Piece on the Lovely Katharine Isabelle

You can find a new two part piece on the very lovely and talented, Katharine Isabelle, on the very cool suite101.com courtesy of editor and writer, Hari Navarro, who has a real passion for horror. Navarro has been writing a series called the A-Z of Women in Horror which Katie was featured.

Born Katherine Isobel Murray (November 2, 1981), Katharine Isabelle made an indelible impression on the independent horror circuit when she added the spice to John Fawcett’s millennium year wolf-bites-girl favorite, Ginger Snaps. A widely respected and now much referenced take on what was then horrors somewhat motley werewolf standard, it today continues to surface as one of the very best of its ilk.

Know and love Katharine Isabelle's work and want to reminisce on an impressive career with standout performances? Click here. Not familiar with this phenomenal actress's work? For shame. Click here. Both links lead to the first part of the piece. Click here for part two.

The piece ends speaking about something that I am very excited about, our upcoming film, AMERICAN MARY. And what does the gentleman have to say about this next project?

Katharine Isabelle's latest horror outing is in the yet to be reviewed 2011s release, "American Mary". Isabelle stars in a seedy tale that delves into the world of illicit ‘underground surgery’. Directed by the sister act of Jen and Sylvia Soska, those responsible for the 2009 Canadian horror “Dead Hooker in the Trunk”, it can only be hoped that it is a film that again captures this more than capable actresses edgy snap.

A very cool article by a very cool writer about a very cool actress. Treat yourself to a read and maybe learn about a couple flicks that you may not have heard of before, but are totally rad. Like FALLING ANGELS.


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  1. Thank you very much for your kind words. It was a pleasure to write about an actress that has such universal and genuine genre appeal. Really appreciate you giving me a mention... Looking forward to covering 'American Mary'.

    Hari Navarro
    Topic Editor Suite 101/ Horror Films