Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Twisted Twins Exclusive Interview with Stiff Magazine

STIFF MAGAZINE is a thing of beauty.

That's right, boys and grrls, drink in the awesome.

My friends, STIFF MAGAZINE is wicked awesome. Here's their story...

STIFF MAGAZINE (commonly referred to simply as "StiffMag") is a quarterly horror-themed, alternative culture, modeling and entertainment magazine based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Birthed from the original Graveyard Girls modeling website, and in only its second year of print publication, Stiff Magazine is already internationally distributed throughout 5 continents in both print and digital editions.

Each issue features modeling spreads from their signature Graveyard Girls, features and reviews on films ranging from box-office hits, to underground indie releases, to looks back at retro/classics you may have forgotten about. Each issue also features technology and video game product reviews, music and literary reviews, exclusive interviews and much, much more.

And this quarterly issue has something especially wicked awesome inside...

...an exclusive interview with us Twisted Twins by the outstanding Andrea Albin, a woman truly after our own hearts. And if that's not enough, there's also an exclusive with our favorite badass, Eli Roth. Yes, the man himself and you know you want to hear what he's go tot say. Don't miss out. It is fucking awesome.

You can hit up the official STIFF MAGAZINE SITE right here and you can GET YOURSELF A COPY right here.

We love you, Andrea. Cannot wait to chat again and to meet in the flesh.

Now go grab yourselves a copy! XD



  1. Cooler than cool! Congrats you wonderful Twisted Twins x

  2. It was an absolute pleasure having you wonderful ladies in our latest issue. Thanks so much for plugging us. Really looking forward to catching "American Mary" & getting that one some press as well! Cheers! =)

  3. Have I mentioned how much I love you girls lately? xoxoxoxo