Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Are You A Top Or A Bottom?

Hey, girls and boys, what are you doing this upcoming Monday, March 12th at 7pm? Not sure. How about you come out for a laugh at Oasis (1240 Thurlow St, Vancouver, BC) where the Tops and Bottoms Queer Comedy Group will be performing? Say what? Lemme introduce you to this rad event --

The Show

Tops and Bottoms is presented by Bob Loblaw Queer Comedy Troupe - Canada's first (and so far only) professional gay improvisational comedy company.

The show opens with four up and comers (The Bottoms) creating comedy sketches based on challenges the professionals (The Tops) set for them. Then in the second half The Tops pull random challenges from a top hat. There are over 97 games with various degrees of difficulty for them to choose from and they have no control over what they get.

After each half the audience votes on ballots that were distributed earlier. They reward the Bottom who they think did the best and deserves a chance to play as a Top and the ˜punish' a Top who they think played the weakest. Next week those players switch positions and new players also join the ranks.

Sounds very cool, but Sylv - you ask me in your quizzical manner - how the fuck do you fit in? Here's how the fuck - Jen and I have been invited by the fucking amazing Bill Taylor to be guest judges. First time doing this sort of fun thing and would love to see as many of you fine folks out there for a great night!

Ok, that's a few days away. Enough time, right? Can't wait to see you all!!!!!


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