Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tattooed Steve's Storage Unit of Terror - Twisted Twins Edition

"I mean there are hundreds of thousands of movie makers out there all doing it themselves with an HD camera hoping to find an audience, but Jen and Sylvia had their destiny waiting for them all along."
There are people that come into your life that you have an instant bond with. Riddle me this, boys and grrls, what do Elizabeth Bathory, Gene Simmons, Bela Lugosi, Steve Mezo, and your friendly neighborhood Twisted Twins all have in common? Aside from a taste for the darker things in life? Hungarian blood runs through our veins. Well, in Countess Bathory's case, Hungarian blood ran through her veins, through her wicked lips, and all over her bathed body.

We had the esteemed pleasure of meeting one Steve Mezo aka Tattooed Steve through a dear friend, Scott Ruth from Celluloid Creatures and Ghouls of Plan 9. We became fast friends, bonding over our mutual homeland. There aren't very many of us lurking these days, we find, and a true Hungarian is charismatic and charming as fuck. You can't resist. It would be futile. 

Steve was kind enough to write a piece on this Twisted Twosome. It's been a long journey (I'm talking Lord of the Rings destroy the one ring in the depths of Mordor kind of long) from DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK to AMERICAN MARY and Steve has been with us throughout it. We are absolutely dying to share the film with him and especially everyone who has been with us since DHIAT.

Another charming Hungarian fact? What you call arguing/screaming at one another we call "healthy discussion". Do we ever disagree? Given that we work together, live together, and spend every waking moment usually in the company of one another? Fuck, yes. But that's just what you get when two people are both simultaneously all of the time. We do go Thor/Loki and Kitana/Mileena on one another. Usually minus the blood shed.


A very special thank you to Steve, our fellow countryman, for the continued kindness and support!!

Fatally Yours!
Jen and Sylv


  1. I still smile every time I read this and it means the world to me seeing it here. And I still can't get over how many amazing things have happened for the both of you in the space of five years, and I know there is still way more excellent projects ahead.

    And thank the both of you enough for all of the support that you have given me and my site as well, now I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the two of you get the chance to direct one of our favorite Merc's with a mouth. ;-)

  2. Enough was a typo and I am awesome at them...