Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We Are Geek Girls, Hear Us Roar

There was a time that feels not so long ago when Jen and I were in the closet about our total geekdom, but everyone knew. We were teased for loving horror, video games, and comic books. My first crush was on Darkwing Duck. I knew that we would never be normal and, growing up, different makes you open season for assholes. And kids are fucking assholes.

But times have changed. Maybe because there simply are not enough fucks to give and that life is too short not to be who you are. Proudly. And it seems like the world is not only a more accepting place for nerds, but we are actually growing in popularity making geek chic. I do love geeks. Some of the coolest down to earth folks ever and I was tickled pink (hot pink) to have the lovely Chris Screama of talk to Jen and I about horror filmmaking, twin powers, and all things that make my inner/outer nerd heart beat.
"I had the opportunity to interview two of Canada’s most talented ladies in horror, Sylvia and Jen Soska of Twisted Twin Productions. Not only are they talented but they are hot, they are twins AND they are geek girls! These film making twins are taking the film world by storm, recently making it into Cannes Film Festival debuting their latest masterpiece American Mary, which is featuring Ginger Snaps's Katharine Isabelle! In this interview I try to pick their twisted brains, enjoy an inside look on what beautifully morbid things stir in these gals heads!"

Wait, did I ^^ above mention twin powers? Shit yes, son, I did.
What is it like being a Twin? Do you ladies have any special "twin powers" we should know of? 
S: Yes, totally! I'm so glad you asked that. So there is this weird version of the house we grew up in and this forest - neither of us have ever been there, but we both dream about it. In the morning, we're all like - I dreamt of the forest last night. Holy shit, me too! I love being a twin. I would actually be utterly useless without her. It's like we're one whole in two different bodies. 
When we work together, we divide and conquer, we pre-determine separate responsibilities and can talk without having to talk, just through looks. It comes in very handy. I honestly have no idea what it is like to not be a twin, I imagine it's very lonely and odd. I love have my sister there. We have a lifetime of in-jokes, it would be hard to get someone new caught up to speed. 
J: It's awesome. I love my twin. I was born with a best friend who never bullshits me, a sparring partner, an incredible co-creator, co-writer, and co-director. We're very different, but we compliment and balance one another beautifully. People ask us if we'd ever work apart and we easily could, but why would we want to? We see things the same way, though we usually get there in very different ways. She's a real artist. 
Twin powers? Yeah. We do. We can have a full conversation with a look. We can read each other so easily that we can very subtly communicate without others having any idea that we're even doing it. We do it right in front of people usually. If we're apart and something's wrong, we can feel it and have to call the other immediately. We've dreamed of fictitious place separately, but it's the exact same place. That's kind of weird.

This interview was an absolute blast. Please click here to get to the site to read the whole piece - we talk AMERICAN MARY, too, so if you're into that crazy flick, you will dig.


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