Thursday, June 28, 2012

Twisted Twins Present American Mary Panel at Comic Con

I am very extremely proud to announce our panel at Comic-Con International. Come out & get a sneak peek at the new film, some Comic Con exclusive swag, and hear us cuss like sailors. First twenty people get a twin hug, just kidding, everyone gets one.

"Thursday 11:00-12:00 Twisted Twins: American MaryJen and Sylvia Soska (of tWIStED tWINS PRODUCtIONS and the makers of Dead Hooker in a Trunk ) and Todd Masters (of MASTERSFX and make-up effects producer on True Blood) will discuss the use of prosthetics in horror. The Soskas will also address the challenges of working in a male-dominated genre. They will unveil a sizzle reel from their new film American Mary. Paula Lindberg (Ruby in American Mary) will also be on the panel, which is moderated by Beth Accomando (author of the KPBS blog Cinema Junkie). Room 5AB."

Please spread the word, bring your cool friends, and meet the mastermind behind the monsters and effects of countless of killer projects, Todd Masters, the phenomenal and stunning actress whose performance as Ruby RealGirl made the production of the film possible, Paula Lindberg, and the utterly crazed in ambition and film substance Twisted Twins, Jen and me.

For those of you dying to get a sneak peek at our upcoming AMERICAN MARY - this panel is your personal invite to that. Hope to meet you ladies and gentlemen there!


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  1. I am so going to this panel and I love hugs!! I am so excited!!!!! :)