Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cheek, Sass, & Fuck: You Can't Censor Haunted After Dark (thank fuck)

A few months ago, Paul Steveson of the soon to be launched, Haunted After Dark zine, came to us with an interesting proposal. Talk for three pages and be completely uncensored, talk about what you want, pull no punches, be brutally honest, and we will print it all.

Now, you might be thinking - 'Hey, Sylv, being uncensored happens all the time.' Sadly, friend I'm making up for this imagined back and forth, it doesn't and any time we get an opportunity to be a part of the battle against censorship on art, we are fucking there with bells on.

Haunted: After Dark is grabbing the paranormal bull by the horns, boarding the Horror Express and taking it in a new fun and fresh direction. We're confident that there's nothing else like it out there. We're edgier, extremer(!), darker, naughtier and cheekier! It's an horrific hamper of horrors, a plethora of paranormal putridness full of blood, gore and showcasing some of the best photographers, models and make-up artists out there.  
Haunted: After Dark magazine is an online digital magazine. Our aim is to bring back alternativeism from heading into mainstream monotomy. People say alternative is the new normal. Why??? Alternative should remain alternative but should be accepted for what it is, that's the difference. Our love of the paranormal and horror saw us produce Haunted Digital Magazine, a fun and fresh take on all things scary and spooky. Whilst we were designing this we were getting a lot of interest from horror themed photographers, models and make-up artists keen to showcase their work. We didn't think that a feature on a 14 yr old ghosthunter would sit right next to a photo pictorial feature on lesbian vampires so Haunted: After Dark was born and created (fanfare please!).

Haunted: After Dark is now available at with glorious uncensored ramblings of twin adventures at the Cannes Film Festival with Jen and me. They have been kind enough to let us run our mouths every month - new articles coming constantly. Check out issue one - material as intended by the artists, lots of cheek and no apologies.

A huge fucking thanks to the team at Haunted After Dark and to the sensational Paul Stevenson and remarkable Andy Soar for giving us this brilliant opportunity and for keeping alternative culture's balls intact. It's a very fun and rad read - I hope you enjoy checking out the zine, ladies and gentlemen!


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