Saturday, July 21, 2012

First Comics is the First To Break the Twisted Twins into Graphic Novel Awesome

First Comics is an American comic-book publisher, known for titles like American Flagg!, Grimjack, Nexus, Badger, Dreadstar, and Jon Sable. Along with competitors like Pacific Comics and Eclipse Comics, First took early advantage of the growing direct market, attracting a number of writers and artists from DC and Marvel to produce creator-owned titles, which, as they were not subject to the Comics Code, were free to feature more mature content.  
First Comics was co-founded by Ken F. Levin and Mike Gold. It launched in 1983 with a line-up of creators including Frank Brunner, Mike Grell, Howard Chaykin, Joe Staton, Steven Grant, Timothy Truman, and Jim Starlin.
First Comics has been badass since 1983. Their content is never water-down, remains true to the artists visions, and they fight hard to make sure it stays that way. Jen and I have existed since 1983, learned to read, then discovered comic books which was all we ever wanted to read (aside from Stephen King novels). I never dreamt of having an opportunity to write for a comic company, but if you told me that was even a possibility, my fangirl heart would have skipped several beats.

Which it did, this year at Comic Con, when we were approached with the opportunity to team up with the fantastic team at First Comics and create our content in graphic novel form. You see First Comics was an ass-kicker from 1983 to 1991 before closing the doors. Now, they are back and better than ever - creating new, unique, intelligent content, as well as rereleases of some fucking epic titles.

Jen and I are thrilled to be working with our good friend, Ken F. Levin, who is one of the most kindest and collect gentlemen in the business who has been amazingly supportive of independent artists - making sure their content gets out there and it gets out there uncensored, the way it was intended to be seen.

You're going to be hearing a lot about this union in the next few months, but if you haven't heard about First Comics before - go check them out - you don't often find situations where there are creator-owned comics with content like this. It's extremely fucking cool.


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  1. DUDES!!! THAT IS GRADE A FUCKING AMAZINGLY AWESOME LIKE OMFG !!!! Having a graphic novel is like a life goal. I am so so excited for you guys and must know when i can get copies <3 <3 <3