Sunday, July 08, 2012

Horror Nights at the Rio Presents SUICIDE CLUB!

This past Friday - July the 8th - marked our first kick off hostessing 'Horror Nights at the Rio' with Little Miss Risk. The Rio Theatre in Vancouver is a very special theatre - the last standing theatre in East Vancouver (not a easy task to be the ones fighting to keep the arts alive, but this team does it with class and panache). The film we were showing was the Japanese indie horror gem - SUICIDE CLUB.

Showing such a rad film that won 'Most Ground-Breaking Film' at the Fantasia Film Festival, that has developed a cult following for its highly controversial subject matter and its excessive ultra gore seems like show enough, but these days you need to get the epitome of bang for your buck and with a town as lively and loving of horror as Vancouver - it had to be a fuck of a show.

First a totally winged horror show trivia (where admittedly, I was the only one who didn't know the answer to my own question), then opening the show was a SUICIDE CLUB themed bloody number by AMERICAN MARY alumnus Tristan Risk and the Queen of Halloween, Spooksy DeLune.

After getting soaked in the gushing fake red stuff with two of the city's most beautiful and talented burlesque performers, what can you do to top that? Real blood and there's only one man for the job, the human tackle box, our flesh art consultant from AMERICAN MARY, and one of the coolest guys on the scene, Russ Foxx.


But that is not all. Jen and I fell hard for the performance of one of the standout stars of the film, Rolly Teranishi. Jen got in touch with Rolly's team and was able to get an exclusive to this event opening for the film from Genesis himself, Mr. Rolly Teranishi.

The show was a blast - and the first of many to come. Always with a big show, special surprises, and prizes for those in attendance.

A very huge and humble thanks to everyone who made the event possible, the show a success, and the team at the Rio that always supports the indie flicks and filmmakers. See you guys next month, and for many months to come!

Loved getting to meet so many of you the other night and share a deeply disturbed love of horror. The horror community consists of the best people on the planet - this evening just re-confirmed it.


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