Saturday, July 21, 2012

Flickr At Your Twins, Comic Con Style

We flickr. A lot. You want Twisted Twins pics, AMERICAN MARY pics, MONDAYS SUCK memes, anything twin-related and then some - we got a flickr account for that. So you can download, send em to your friends, or just stare off at something interesting (I, myself, scroll through pics in creep mode more than is healthy in any way).

But wait - we got some real good shit for you! It's our Comic Con onslaught pics. 2012 marks our very first Comic Con experience where we had a panel for upcoming AMERICAN MARY, first revealed the new trailer, hung out with the good DEAD HOOKER-loving folks, cosplayed like a pair of uber nerds, Deadpool stalked, got kissed by the Punisher, and fangirled on people we absolutely adore.

For many, many, many years - I have gone to Comic Con via stalking images, videos, and blogs of people who *actually* went. This year, we got super lucky and were actually there. Live the purest of nerd joy through these images. Flickr YA!


PS Why can't everyday be Comic Con? Also, I think I'm in love with Deadpool. In an unhealthy way.

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