Monday, July 30, 2012

Paula Lindberg, The Real Girl Behind Ruby Realgirl

Before there was a feature green lit for AMERICAN MARY, there was a group of indie brats that got together in a veterinary clinic for twenty hours to create something that would prove that the film could be done and how they would do it.

The very first cast member, Paula Lindberg, would be transformed in a gruelling sixteen hour session with effects before we got the professionals at Masters FX to create our perfect Ruby Realgirl. From the moment she was cast to every following moment, Paula become the unique, sprite-like, doll and brought Ruby Realgirl to life. Her performance and dedication was a part of what got things happening.

Moving on to your newest project, American Mary, how was it working with the Twisted Twins (Jen and Sylvia Soska)?  
Paula: Amazing. The twins continue to inspire me with their drive and creativity. They’re not waiting around for someone to give them a career; they’re making it happen for themselves. And they’re not just regurgitating the same old stories, they’re creating highly original work, and it’s exciting to be a part of that.  
As an actor they are also wonderful to work for because they give you the perimeters of the character, but then imbue you with so much trust and freedom to create something truly unique within their vision. In what other film am I going to get a play an underground surgery obsessed Barbie wanna be??

I can never say enough good things about this sensationally gifted actress and what a stand out performance and life she brings to the world of AMERICAN MARY. It was an honour to experience our first Comic Con together and I cannot wait for the film's release, so everyone can get to see her fantastic work on the big screen.

As that approaches, here is a very wicked interview with Paula and Indulgently Horrific as she speaks about the film, her role, Comic Con, and what other rad she has coming up. Please enjoy!


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