Monday, November 05, 2012

American Mary Gets Her Australian Premiere Tonight at the Canberra International Film Festival

American Mary has her AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE TONIGHT at the Canberra International Film Festival. Come out, meet Jen and me, and be one of the first Australians to see American Mary.

"Stylish, wicked, and darkly funny – this horror film sees a young medical student looking for answers in the bizarre world of underground surgery. 
After their break-out hit Dead Hooker in a Trunk, twin sisters Jen and Sylvia Soskia follow up with a dark tale of a young woman who immerses herself 
in the strange world of body modification. Broke but determined to find a way to continue her education at medical school, Mary (Katharine Isabelle) discovers a world where surgeons can make good money as long as no questions are asked. But this bizarre world is full of both strangely warm characters who need a little help, and those with other ideas about what Mary should be doing in her spare time. Fascinating, disturbing and with a highly sophisticated visual aesthetic, American Mary promises to be a game-changing film in the genre."

Click HERE for additional details on the film and tickets for tonight's screening!

It is an honour for Jen and me to be here for this very momentous screening, looking very forward to meeting you all, and our sincerest thanks for supporting a unique film like AMERICAN MARY.


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