Sunday, November 25, 2012

Father's Day Ban is Bullshit

FATHER'S DAY is banned in Australia two days before it's scheduled screening at Monster Fest. One of the most surprisingly warm hearted, dark gory satires to drop kick it's fucking spectacular ass out of Canada in a long time making fellow Canadians proud that these are our country men and giving film fans a new treat in the realm of fucking awesome.

So what's the big fucking deal, guy? What's the big fucking deal in deed.

"Also frustrated by the decision are fellow Canadian filmmaking twin sisters, Sylvia and Jen Soska, who are currently in the country accompanying their newest horror flick, American Mary, a blood soaked revenge flick with a body modification twist, that’s set to close Monster Fest on a gory high note. The duo can definitely empathise with the situation as the pair’s debut feature, Dead Hooker In A Trunk – a low-budget cracker of a horror flick –was also initially banned in Canada. 
“I’ve noticed that horror has become a scapegoat for people’s frustrations for a long time,” Sylvia comments to Filmink. “But horror is supposed to have some sort of effect on you. And Father’s Day is clearly such a fun satire and it’s so sad that this is happening in Australia... Even the UK said that it’s okay!” 
Fellow Canadian horror buffs, the Soska sisters are big fans of Father’s Day, which they see as helping to usher in a new side to Canadian cinema. “It’s another Canadian doing something different that isn’t a sad movie in the prairies in the snow with a crying family. It’s nice to show that Canada has some diversity."

Read the whole article HERE. 

We're in a very special time right now. A time where we can say, fuck, no. I'm going to watch a film because I want to see it, and guess what, if I don't want to see it, I just won't fucking watch it. I don't need some fickle governing force to tell me what I can and cannot see. 

Talk about this. Voice your opinion. Throw your support behind Astron 6. These guys are the real fucking deal making some of the best original work on the scene today. We're huge fans and fans don't let this shit slide.


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