Thursday, November 01, 2012

FATHER'S DAY Banned Days Before Monsterfest Screening, DEAD HOOKER Makes An Impromptu Screening

You know what's complete and utter bullshit? Censorship of an award-winning Canadian film called FATHER'S DAY. All set to play here at Monster Fest on Sunday, now had to be cancelled because the Australian censors won't allow it. I call bullshit.

"Neil Foley, manager of Monster Pictures, decried the latest decision. "We think it's an appalling decision. The film is a comedy, it's been taken way out of context. We're not really sure what scenes they have a problem with but there's nothing in this film that hasn't been seen before and anything that is in the film has been put there in the name of comedy by very talented, well-received and comic artists." 
Mr Foley noted that the film had been approved for release in Britain, a country that he claims is generally less forgiving in such matters. "It's been taken in the right context everywhere in the world except Australia," he said."


For those of you wanting some crazy hijinks, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK will be playing in its place unless this unfair judgement can be overturned in time.

Come meet me and Jen, watch the flick, and bitch with us about what horseshit this ruling is.


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