Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gruesome Twosome: One-on-Two With Jen And Sylvia Soska

 The sexy as hell Toronto After Dark Film Festival marked the Canadian premiere of our second born, beautiful baby. AMERICAN MARY. The whole experience left the two of us feeling like home coming queens and we want to thank Adam Lopez, the entire outstanding TADFF team, and the wonderful Canucks who came out to see the whole bloody affair go down!

We recently had the pleasure of chatting about the adventure with the ever so awesome Addison Wylie of FILM ARMY.

Here's an appetizer...

Addison Wylie: First off, this year’s Toronto After Dark couldn’t have had a better opening night. It was a great foot to start on by showing American Mary and great for Film Army to be co-presenting such a neat film. How do you guys find Toronto horror buffs and how has your experience been with this year’s After Dark?

Sylvia Soska: There is something very special about bringing your film home to have it’s Canadian premiere, especially with a cast and crew consisting entirely of Canadian talent. A lot of people in the festival circuit talked up Toronto After Dark, it is notoriously known as a festival put on by a team that truly loves the genre they promote and that couldn’t be more true. From the festival organizers to the festival goers – there was such a sense of commradity because everyone is passionate about genre films there. It was one of the best festival experiences we have ever had.

Jen Soska: Adam Lopez and the entire Toronto After Dark team blew away our already sky high expectations. It’s true, everyone on the festival circuit tells legends of how awesome TADFF is. So many festivals boast that they take films and their guests in like family and make you feel not just like a participant at the festival, but like part of the festival itself. And that is seldom the case except for a precious few fests. Toronto After Dark made us feel like we were old friends returning to a favorite haunt. I haven’t felt that level of patriotic pride since Vancouver hosted the Winter Olympics and the Canadian mens and womens hockey both took gold. It was really a privilege to have TADFF host our Canadian premiere.

FULL delicious interview RIGHT HERE!!

A very special thanks to Addison for taking the time to catch up with a couple crazy ass Canucks ;)

Fatally Yours,

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