Tuesday, May 28, 2013

American Mary and Twisted Twins in the Province

"Twin Vancouver writer-directors Jen and Sylvia Soska are being hailed as horror’s next big thing as they surf a bloody wave of fan and peer acclaim for their indie horror hit American Mary.

The movie stars Katharine Isabelle (the pubescent werewolf of 2000’s Canadian cult hit Ginger Snaps) as Mary, a med student who pays the tuition with fetish-scene body-modification surgeries, and then takes an even darker turn after a betrayal by one of her med-school profs.

“Basically if you ever make a woman mad, that’s what goes through her head,” said Sylvia during a visit to Burnaby’s Masters FX, indicating a limbless male torso that hangs in a glass case. “She just says she’s fine.”

The twins’ feminist twist on horror’s traditionally male mad scientist had Britain’s Guardian newspaper calling the film: “a post-feminist chimera ... with heavy splatterings of Saw-like sadism but a healthy measure of intelligence, too.” "

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