Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Film Deviant Talks to Mary

FILM DEVIANT: Can you describe the “spritz” of blood that got on you in the storage locker scene? 
KATHARINE: (laughs) Yeah, the spritz of blood. I’m not a big fan of being covered in cold sticky blood at 3 in the morning when you don’t have any shower facilities on set. You know your fingers glue together and it’s incredibly uncomfortable and I’m a bit claustrophobic. And we had shot the following scene where I have the card to (16:04) and my hair is perfectly clean, I’m all cleaned up and so I said to one of our amazingly talented people from MastersFX, Jason Ward, that, after I bludgeoned the security guard (who is actually one of my best friends Sean Amsing), there should only be a little spritz and try to keep away from my hair because in the next scene I’m perfectly clean, so it needs to be something that I could maybe clean up with a Kleenex or a little napkin or something. We start doing it and Jason just has this look on his face and he empties this huge fucking canister, you know like 2 feet tall of blood and I look like I fell in a pool of blood. Fortunately you know they did that because it’s a great scene, it would not have been so awesome and so effective if it was just a little spritz of blood. But yeah, I stood up and was like..., "you totally tricked me", and they’re just laughing their asses off and I’m just covered in blood.



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