Friday, May 24, 2013

Doc Carnage Talks to the Twisted Twins

I first saw Dead Hooker in a Trunk on The Horror Channel in the UK. What did it mean getting your debut movie out to such a large audience?
S: It's the start of a life long love affair with the UK. We're pretty smitten. The first festival screening was in the UK, the first DVD release, and the first time on television - it's an honor to have that kind of support for the film and the Horror Channel has always been so kind and supportive of our work. It's wild because a lot of our biggest support comes from the UK and it's because of the Horror Channel audience and the Monster Pictures release of DEAD HOOKER that we were able to reach out to so many people. I'm very grateful for the opportunity.
J: It meant everything to us. I do have to say that the UK will always have a big place in our hearts. When we were starting out and struggling, the UK gave us every break. At Nia Edwards-Behi's GHOULS ON FILM FESTIVAL, we had our very first screening for DHIAT. The support never stopped coming from there. We go over there and the people are so warm and welcoming. I sincerely miss the UK every day and all the wonderful people we've met over there. Being horror fans ourselves, we just hoped that our work would be appreciated by other fans. We overshot it when we got the support of an entire country. And the UK Horror Channel has never stopped. They play us all the time and we always love to chat with them anytime we can.

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