Thursday, May 23, 2013

Revolver's Jovanka Vuckovic Talks to the Twisted Twins

The issue’s column had covered the new film, American Mary, which was directed by twin sisters Jen and Sylvia Soska and was just released on VOD. The movie is also getting a theatrical release in 25 theatres across the filmmaker’s native Canada on May 30th, with the surreal short The Captured Bird opening. The director of The Captured Bird, Jovanka Vuckovic just so happens to the editor of the “Splatter Matters” page, and below, we share her interview with the Soska Sisters.

“The story of a young woman struggling in a male-dominated business, where, despite her ability, she is seen as below her male counterparts and more as a party favor or sexual object, isn’t anything new,” explains cowriter-director Jen Soska, who says the film is analogous to her and her sister’s own experiences in the film industry. “It is a story that focuses so much on appearances being everything and there is a lot that women can relate to.” 
As such, American Mary is a direct reaction to the bland stereotypes in mainstream genre films. “We’d heard the Twilight saga called a ‘feminine horror,’” she explains. “That just pissed us off.” Adds Sylvia, “Martyrs is a female horror film. Inside is a female horror film. American Mary is very much a feminist body-horror film.”



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