Sunday, November 28, 2010

Geek Tyrant Teases Something Cosmetically Twisted

Our good friend, Brian Shirley, of Geek Tyrant, had a sneak peek of the upcoming teaser (Dec. 11th - second anniversary/second feature film) and had this to say --
"The two awesome twins Jen and Sylvia Soska who brought us Dead Hooker in a Trunk are at it again, this time with American Mary. What's happening on December 11th? Well I'm glad you asked my friends. The Twisted Twins are celebrating their two year anniversary of Twisted Twins Productions and will drop the new teaser trailer for American Mary on their website on that date. I've been lucky enough to witness this teaser and after going over it several times this looks like another winner from our favorite Canadian twins. I'm not allowed to say too much but I will say this, "American Mary is cosmetically twisted"!"

It's getting closer! Read the whole piece here - you'll be glad that you did, boys and girls. More news to come and maybe a little versus...


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