Friday, November 26, 2010

Mary Loves Her Ax Wound

It's two weeks before the AMERICAN MARY teaser release and Twisted Twins Productions' second anniversary. We were introduced to miss Hannah Neurotica, of Ax Wound, a little while ago by mutual friend, Eli Roth. Since then, we've become very close - like sisters. Hannah was one of the first people to read the script for AMERICAN MARY and as the project progressed, we've spoken back and forth excitedly.

As the excitement spreads with the upcoming teaser trailer, Ax Wound gives an insider look on the new film and here's a little tease --
"AMERICAN MARY tells a very different story then DHIAT and is less Grindhouse, more straight up horror. This is a story that really gets under your skin. It’s as if they took what scared them most and used AMERICAN MARY as a vehicle for exploring that creepy reality. This is a movie nobody will be able to ignore – it will explode & this post is proof that I said it before the storm of much deserved horror fandom comes raining down on AMERICAN MARY."

The subject matter comes from something that did indeed disturb the shit out of us, the twisted twosome. It's going to be a very dark ride, girls and boys. Things are coming together beautifully and things will start happening faster and faster. Read the whole scoop from Hannah here. Hannah, thank you, sis. You fucking rock!


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