Sunday, November 21, 2010

Viscera 2011 Submissions Open

Definition: The large internal organs of the body collectively, particularly those within the abdominal cavity.

Last year was our first time at the Viscera Film Festival. Did you miss it? Catch up here, Charlie, then come back and join us for the new news. A very huge and humble thank you to Shannon Lark, Heidi Martinuzzi, and Elisabeth Fies for inviting us to the event and screening our hooker. Never heard of the Viscera Film Festival before? Well, it's time you begun...
"Viscera specifically focuses on women gaining self confidence, knowledge, and growth through the creation of horror films.

This process is to achieve equality in the film industry, not domination.

Specializing in short horror films made by the female gender, the Viscera Film Festival hosts an annual bloody carpet event in Los Angeles for the selected Filmmakers, Special Celebrity Guests, and a live audience. Each Filmmaker receives a hand crafted Viscera Statue, along with promotional materials and the option to be distributed on the next Viscera DVD Compilation. Throughout the year, Viscera is continuously working to get the Viscera films screened and promoted all over the world."

We had a fucking blast, met lots of rad horror film makers and horror community folks, there were some bloody wonderful, funny, disturbing, smart, scary, sexy, graphic, and all completely rad films showcased there.

There is a huge focus on community and with ladies, lets face it - most of the time we're encouraged to rip out each other's throats, but what if we joined forces and ripped out throats together? That's the beauty of Viscera. Simply incredible. Submit today (before February 28th, 2011) and you'll be damn proud that you did. The site has been uber vamped, take a stroll through the amazing, then become a part of it!


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