Monday, November 08, 2010

I Can Smell Your DEAD HOOKER's Brains...

I Can Smell Your Brains? Not just the token catch phrase of choice preferred by zombies everywhere! It also just happens to be a wicked awesome site that recently reviewed our DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK...

"Dead Hooker in a Trunk is young, bloody, at times cute, at times sexy, and funny. It is aimed at your horror loving, drama loving, laugh along sensibilities. If you get a chance to see it, I suggest you take it. I believe the Soska Sisters want you to come away The ladies!from this film with a good feeling.

You have just taken care of a major problem, and now life can go on. And of course, what’s the best way to deal with your problems? Bury them in the woods and for fuck’s sake, and entertainment value, bring a friend."

We want to thank Mary Goff for her gore~geous review, absolutely delicious. Treat yourselves, boys and grrls, and chow down on the FULL FILM REVIEW HERE!!

Bloody Best!

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