Wednesday, September 15, 2010

All Things Horror continues to be All Things Awesome

Being one of the little guys (gals) out there, it truly means the world to us when we hear about people who fight the good indie fight and spread the word about our demented offspring aka film, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK. All Things Horror has consistently been a huge supporter of dead hookers everywhere and, coincidentally, our film. Kenny Steven Fuentes had this to say...
"Last week, I recieved a phone call from an old friend.

"I just saw a movie listing for something amazing. I don't know anything about it, or what it is. But I need you to come with me. It's called Dead Hooker in a Trunk. And it's only five dollars."

On Wednesday, I found myself in the basement of the Somerville Theater handing over a five dollar bill for a film screening I knew nothing about.

"Hi. I'm here for Dead Hooker in a Trunk...?" my friend asked."

But don't be satisfied with that mere appetizer, feast on the main course.

Get the full film review HERE.

"Dead Hooker in a Trunk is a fantastic film." ~Kenny Steven Fuentes, All Things Horror

You know what, All Things Horror? YOU'RE pretty gosh darn fantastic yourselves. Blood soaked embraces your way!

Bloody Best!

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