Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Walk on the Wildside with Twisted Twins

Recently we had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Wildside Cinema. It is always a great pleasure to be asked things for the very first time. It was fun, thoughtful, thought provoking, and very in depth asking everything from "Why a Dead Hooker?" to "If I could ask you one patently offensive and sexist question meant to denigrate you and belittle your hard work, what would it be?" We can't even begin to say how much we appreciate the time and thought that was put into the questions. The result is an interview that cannot be missed.

Here's a little aperitif...
WC: Certain parts of the horror genre, namely the whole “Scream Queen” label, seems to have been hijacked and assimilated for mainstream commercial consumption. Even the indie world is exploiting it. How do you feel about the whole overblown “Scream Queen” trend? And what do you feel qualifies one to be a “Scream Queen?”

JS: There’s something very sexy about the image of a “Scream Queen”. People love to be scared and there’s a good reason for that. When you’re afraid, your body does the same things it does as when you’re turned on. Adrenalin is pumped into the blood stream, breathing becomes more rapid, and pupils dilate. And we all know sex sells. It’s a no-brainer that Hollywood would latch onto the “Scream Queen” label. What better way to present a sexed up image of horror to the masses and get them to perk up and pay attention?

SS: Scream Queen nowadays is synonymous with some hot chick who dies in a movie. It used to mean someone like Jaime Lee Curtis was in Halloween – that powerful female force that somehow always survives the murder rampage and kills the crazy motherfucker. I want it to become like that again. I think the genre is over saturated with these fluff-piece horror films with no thought or imagination. We need a Freddy or Pinhead to mix shit up again. No more remakes, just honest to goodness sweet original nightmares to thrill people at the theaters.

For the main course, check out the FULL WILDSIDE CINEMA INTERVIEW HERE. After all, you deserve your break today ;)


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