Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We Came, We Played, We Brought a Dead Hooker...

If you could see me right now you would see a definitive shit eating grin painted across my crimson lips. And there ain't no cure for it. I woke up this morning to a series of photos from last night's DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK premiere at Bob and Barbara's Lounge in sweet old Philly.

We had no idea the event would be such a BIG HIT, though we did have a feeling that a wicked awesome place such as Bob and Barbara's would yield no lesser results. We did a little research before the event and discovered the following of their fine establishment... a) $3.50 will get you the SPECIAL, a shot of Jim Beam and a beer, a Pabst Blue Ribbon and b) don't you dare put on Journey.

We heard a grand time was had by all. We must thank everyone who made this event possible and everyone who came out! Without further ado, here is a photographic diary of the night!! Thank you everyone for inviting our Hooker to your party!!

I know those faces. SOMEONE'S watching Dead Hooker!!

Thank you so much, Philly! Clearly, you didn't come out to fuck around. You came out to rock!!

Blood soaked best to you all!

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  1. daaaaaaaaaaaamn judging by these pics I missed a helluva good time. We got ants in our pants for you in NYC...