Monday, September 27, 2010

Horrorphilia puts the Twisted Twins in the Hot Seat

Hello, boys and grrls! The heat was on this week as Horrorphilia put us in their infamous hot seat. It was an absolute pleasure. Not familiar with Horrorphilia? Oh, for shame. Let's remedy that little short coming straight away. It's horror and so much more. Click here and treat yourselves to a little read and soak in the awesome. Blogs, reviews, interviews, TWISTED TWINS and DEAD HOOKERS! Oh, my...

This was by far one of the best, most fun interviews we've ever had. It's always exciting when you're asked something for the first time. Our sincerest gratitude to James DePaolo for turning up the heat. We simply must also make mention of Horrorphilia calling DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK "2010's Best Movie of the Year". That's enough to give Dead Hooker lovers everywhere gore~gasms...

But delay no longer, I won't keep you. Take a break from your humdrum Monday and check the FULL HOT SEAT INTERVIEW HERE.

Bloody Best!

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