Friday, August 12, 2011

Nous Vous Aimons Aussi, Mon Ami !

Growing up with a passion for horror, it was hard to fit in and difficult to find friends that shared our interests. Seeking anything horrific is not number one on the list to make friends in school, but if you are in school, love horror, and find it hard to fit in - don't even think of changing. These situations are temporary and really only teach you how to deal with assholes, and when you're all grown up, you will go out into the world and meet some cool people that will really get you.

One of our dearest friends is Frederic Courtin. We're still completely weird, but he likes that about us. As a matter of fact, Frederic - notre frère perdu long - shows us some of the best and bloodiest flicks on the scene - it's what good friends do. There's nothing better first thing in the morning than watching some masterful eviscerations.

Such a sweet and thoughtful video (below) is something that means a lot to us. Thank you for such a sentimental gift, mon ami. Please enjoy something so flattering that we will work very hard to deserve the kindness!

Thank you for being so kind to us, thank you for supporting us and our work, and thank you for being such good friends. This is a huge honor to working in this industry and having the ability to turn these strange stories into films for others to enjoy. More fun flick stuff coming - thank you for checking us out and promise to have lots of truly fucked up fun in the new flick!


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