Sunday, August 07, 2011

Twisted Twins talk with Limited Release's Damien A.

It's been an incredible week with the DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK release by the gore~geous folks at IFC Midnight and with DHIAT playing all month on the UK Horror Channel.

We had the great and surreal joy of being on Twitter with our UK viewers as the film had it's television premiere last Friday.

We had the pleasure of meeting Damien A, of Limited Release, which is a fantastic site that focus on independent artists. It's just wonderful and if you yourself are an indie artist, I highly recommend you get in touch with them about what you're doing and to see who's doing what. There are so many incredible independent artists out there in the world. You should see what they're up to.

Damien was with us when we watched DHIAT along with our UK audience. It was our pleasure to chat with him.

Where did DHIAT come from?

How would we describe ourselves in a single word?

Where do we see ourselves in ten years?

What "remake" would we love to have a crack at?

What's up with American Mary?

What was it like to watch DHIAT on Twitter with our UK audience?

We answer all these goodies and much more. Check out the full interview right HERE.

Thank you most kindly to Damien for not only taking the time to talk with this Twisted Twosome, but also for sharing so many independents and their stories with the world.

Bloody Best!

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