Monday, August 29, 2011

Twins in Comic Form

The coolest thing happened the other day. I was approached by the CEO Brainmachine Comix regarding their comic book series, The Unforgivable #4 Necrowpolis on 4-4-12. Now, I'm not going to give too much away, but the comic will have two characters based on Jen and myself and I cannot fucking wait. Look for the introduction of the Blood Sisters in the upcoming issue.

Here is the first sneak peek of the cover --

This is a dream come true for a pair of comic book nerds and I cannot wait to get my mitts on this new issue! And all the others. Artwork looks sick. Must. Fight. Total. Nerdgasm.

Stay tuned for more!



  1. A picture is worth a thousand words and a million nightmares !?!?! Can't wait!

  2. Will definitely be getting this! Congrats.

  3. awesome! I am stoked- new hobby now- comic collecting hehehe

  4. This is the shot in the arm the horror industry needed!!! Horror movies, Horror comics WOW! THE UNFORGIVABLE#4 HOLY SHIT WHEN CAN I pick this up???