Friday, August 05, 2011

Raz's Midnight Macabre unleashes an EXCLUSIVE Interview with the Twisted Twins

If you reside on planet Earth then you have undoubtedly heard the best news since the first coming of Christ. DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK is out courtesy of the gore~geous folks over at IFC Midnight. It's on VOD right freakin' now and it'll also be hitting limited theaters across the USA and Canada is a series of special midnight screenings.

We have our VERY first interview after the DHIAT explosion with a writer that is very close to our hearts. If you don't know, you really ought to know that Raz Griffin is the man. He heads up our Twisted Twins UK division and in addition to being an extremely talented writer, he is also like a brother to us. It's a real pleasure to have such a wonderful extended family. He has recently started up RAZ'S MIDNIGHT MACABRE, a blog to collect his reviews, interviews, writing, and all things dark, devious, and delightful.

We had the opportunity to chat with him as DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK was at long last unleashed to legions of horror fans after four long years. Finally, it is our time, fellow horror lovers.

But where did it all begin?

What's this journey been like?

What's the reaction from the horror community?

What didn't make the cut?

What would we do if one of us ever gave up the film making life?

Who would be our Dream Cast?

The answers to all these questions and oodles more, enjoy the FULL EXCLUSIVE RAZ'S MIDNIGHT MACABRE INTERVIEW right here!

Come get some. You know you want to.

And a very special thanks to Raz Griffin for his tireless support of us Twisted Twins and his outstanding work representing us in the UK.

Bloody Best!

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