Saturday, October 20, 2012

American Mary Comes Home to Canada at TADFF 2012!

"As the lights went down, the Toronto theater was taken over by emotion, disgust, and the indescribable beauty of absolute ugliness.The screening was a hit! So what's the news? Anchor Bay has picked up American Mary for distribution!" - Sinful Celluloid (full article
"Jen and Sylvia Soska, otherwise known as the Twisted Twins, first came to our attention back in 2009 with the outrageous onslaught of insanity that was Dead Hooker In A Trunk; their micro-budget debut that quickly became a cult hit the world over. 
But Dead Hooker was done with no money when the movie world wasn’t ready to believe that two feisty females from Vancouver had what it takes to leave a mark on the horror genre. Oh how wrong they were. The Soska’s came back this year with American Mary, premiering at London’s Frightfest to an enthralled audience and receiving nothing but shimmering reviews across the board. Their Frightfest success was to be the first in a string of festival experiences which has seen fans, critics and academics alike heap praise upon the twisted twosome." - Chelsey Burdon, Bloody Disgusting (full article
"The Twisted Twins have made a fantastic film, filled with dark humour, some odd characters like Beatress (Tristan Risk) and Ruby (Paula Lindberg) (both of whom have incredible make-up effects), wonderfully crafted surgical scenes and a standout performance by Katharine Isabelle. 
Isabelle begins as a frustrated, almost naive, definitely innocent character, and through the course of the film, you see her change, grow and develop, taking on a darker, stronger edge that begins to frighten some of those around her. 
She changes and embraces her gift, moving from initial repulsion, so bad that upon arriving home she stumbles to the toilet to vomit, to full acceptance of the bod-mod culture. Isabelle has never been better or looked sexier, the Twins seemed to make sure that all of her outfits made her look fantastic, and you simply can’t take your eyes off of her." - TD Rideout, The Mind Reels (full article)
"...the Soskas offer up a social statement about the potentially disastrous modern perception and preoccupation with physical beauty. Weirdly compelling, interesting, drily amusing yet never mean-spirited, American Mary quietly contains a totally unexpected yet thoughtful commentary that surfaces as a profound, resounding element within the framework of the film... American Mary is certainly not the kind of garden variety, over-the-top, white-knuckle, cheap-thrill bloody gore-fest that some audiences may be expecting due to its unusual subject matter. Rather, the Soskas have crafted an experience that is thoughtfully restrained and refreshingly nuanced enough to leave them thinking, instead."- Rachel Fox, Twitch Film (full article)
"In a genre long dominated by men writers and directors, the Soska twins are a welcome and vibrant addition to the horror world. They have told a tale about women, from a woman’s perspective filtered through the world of horror. This bodes well as to the work they will produce in the future. Highly recommended." - Xavierpop (full article)
"This movie is thoroughly enjoyable and if you like modern torture horror movies, then you’ll love this one because it’s the way the characters are written and the way the story is structured, the shock value of the horror scenes doesn’t lose anything upon multiple viewings. Plus, you’d be surprised at the number of funny moments in the movie. The line that may have gotten the biggest laugh in the movie simply involved Mary enjoying a milkshake. In context, the scene is great and funny.  
Right now, American Mary is making the festival tour. It’ll play at the Screamfest Horror Film Festival this weekend, but has no major release date. Hopefully it gets one soon. And if not, buy the movie when it goes on sale. If you’re a horror fan, you’ll be glad you spent the money." - Javi Perez, PlayMakerOnline (full article
"Katharine Isabelle delivers a Mary who is initially very likeable, then terrifying as she grows increasingly icy, then savage. Dark humour and ample gore provide the thrills, but it’s the vivid verbal descriptions that chill to the bone." - Andrew Dowler, Now Toronto (full article)

"And although American Mary reminded us of movies The Human Centipede, Hard Candy and even a tad of Boxing Helena, American Mary stands on its own as a competent and effective horror thriller that is sure to get your attention and then twist it like a wrung out sponge leading to the unexpected concluding chapter. 
It has only been a few years since we were first introduced to the Soska sisters.  But in a short period of time, they have matured and honed their skills and are near perfection in American Mary.  These sisters are a triple threat having wrote, acted and directed their feature.  And each of their pursuits have been elegantly displayed as they have moved from our ‘To Watch’ list and on to our ‘Can’t Wait For the Next Project’ list.  Well done." - GregMO Roberts, Killer Reviews (full article)

"This is a challenging film. It defies any single definition, but is exceptional in so many ways. Canadian writers/directors Jen and Sylvia Soska, a.k.a The Soska Twins, achieve in creating a dark, amusing and, most importantly, captivating film, that takes audiences on a unique journey. Not only are viewers inside Mary's head, but they are invited into the intriguing world of body modification.
Isabelle is outstanding. Her performance is chilling as she acts without emotion in every situation. Mary's support for her clients and their modifications is always offered with a fake smile. She's mostly motivated by her desire to make money and the control these procedures offer her. The more difficult the request, the more she engages. Isabelle definitely achieves a new level in this role." - Sarah Gopaul, Digital Journal (full article)

"Katharine Isabelle is hypnotic as Mary, and her dry delivery of dialogue produces laughter in the oddest of places, which is much needed for some of the dark places this film goes. From genital modification to twins wanting to share a little too much (oh, hello, amazing Soska Twins performance!), you’re never sure of where this film is going next. There are some great subplots and twists that keep you on your toes, not to mention scenes that you will haunt you when you turn the light off at night. 
The Soska Twins have brought us an incredibly original, disturbing piece of work with their latest effort. If you thought Dead Hooker in Trunk showed the girls had potential, American Mary cements this. Prepare yourself for more; they have a lot to give." - Charlotte Stear, Rue-Morgue (full article)

"I can’t help but feel just a little bit dirty for admitting that I very much enjoyed American Mary – the latest film from Jen and Sylvia Soska (also known as The Twisted Twins). A bit surprised too. I was curious going in and hopeful that lead actress Katherine Isabelle (best known for Ginger Snaps) would provide some spark to a concept that didn’t have much appeal to me, but I had expectations the film would be gory for gore’s sake. So much for expectations." - Bob Turnbull, Row Three (full article


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