Monday, October 22, 2012

Scream Sirens Premiere Issue featuring the Twisted Twins

It's a very special feeling when you can boast that you were there at the beginning when all the awesome started.

I recall powering up our Playstation after only having had a Sega Genesis and Super NES previously and gazing in awe. As the opening scene of FINAL FANTASY 7 graced my screen I knew this was something special. The start of something beautiful, engaging, and something that would make me goddamn proud to say that I was there, even in a small way, when it all started.

I can proudly say the same of SCREAM SIRENS, a gore~geous new magazine, that we are honored to be featured in the premiere issue of. It's made by a rare type of group, ones who actually LOVE what they're doing and the subject matter they tackle, and let's just say that when it's true love, it shows.

Above there's a little sneaky peeky at our piece inside...

...but that's a MERE appetizer. For the main dish and a full serving of awesome (as is daily recommended), scoop up the FULL ISSUE at the links below and support the start of something wonderful.

You can click on these links here to grab the magazine.

Hook yourselves up and be proud, like us, to say that you were there at the very beginning ;)

Fatally Yours,

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