Saturday, October 20, 2012

Scream For American Mary, Reviews From Screamfest!

"One thing that stood out for me about the film was the respect the Soskas pay to those who actively play a role in the body modification scene. I may not be one to take part in such things but it’s good to see the perspective paid here towards those who choose this lifestyle. Also, the film’s look and feel is way more beautiful than I expected. Sleaze and style seem to be mixed with equal parts here and ultimately kept my attention throughout the whole damn thing. It’s a rare thing for an audience to cringe, laugh and ogle the talent on screen in the same sitting and I applaud AMERICAN MARY for inciting such mixed reactions all the way through.  
Alas, the highlight throughout the film, was Katharine Isabelle’s performance as Mary. While Jen and Sylvia Soska stated AMERICAN MARY was an analogy for their experience in Film School, I must also state this is a pretty compelling character study. Brilliant, sexy, diabolical and dangerous, Isabelle takes us down the road Mary walks with a sort of reckless abandon that you rarely see on screen these days. As Dr. Mason ventures further down the rabbit hole, the film builds as well and we’re left to cringe and laugh our way through a darkly sensual and somewhat bloody ride." - Aaron Pruner, Icons of Fright (full article)
"Does anyone remember watching early work by odd auteurs like David Cronenberg or Dario Argento and having an epiphany moment of ‘here is a talent not to ignore’ – welcome the Soska Sisters. The vibrant young duo and their perversely and passionately abnormal movie "American Mary" is film unlike anything I’ve seen in recent years. A wonderfully insane conundrum of horror, drama, revenge and the effect power has over people – in other words a seriously savory mind job." - Jason Coleman, Starpulse (full article


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