Thursday, October 11, 2012

American Mary is Coming to Shudderfest

"Chris Hallock and I can now announce that we're screening AMERICAN MARY Friday October 26th as part of Shudderfest. I'm having trouble putting into words the joy just typing that last sentence brings me as it's my opinion that Jen Soska a
nd Sylvia Soska are an enormously talented duo that are going to set the horror world in its ear. Their sophomore feature has earned rave reviews after its debut at FrightFest 2012 in the UK and its US premiere at Fantastic Fest last month. We will be showing American Mary in the gorgeous performance space at the Somerville Theater. 
American Mary stars Katherine Isabelle (Ginger Snaps) as a medical student who becomes increasingly broke and disenchanted with the surgical world she once admired. The allure of easy money sends Mary into the world of underground surgeries which ends up leaving more marks on her than her so called 'freakish' clientele.  
We'll have our complete lineup and times posted later today but man oh man this is awesome news for horror fans in Boston." - Mike Snoonian, Shudderfest

Holy fucking shit balls on toast, Boston, AMERICAN MARY is coming to your town!! I am thrilled as all hell that the film is going to the very cool folks in Boston this October 26th.

More details coming, but be the first to know and tell all your cool friends that AMERICAN MARY is coming to town~!


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  1. I'm telling everybody.
    Even that weird lady that lives on the first floor, who asked me to go buy her smokes.
    She has a lazy eye.