Monday, October 01, 2012

FIGHT! Fantastic Debates - Twin vs Twin

At this year's Fantastic Fest, we got the opportunity of a lifetime. Jen and I were invited by Chivonn Anderson and Carrie Matherly to be the first females to fight one another in the Fantastic Debates. Chivonn was the first, followed by Michelle Rodriguez and both ladies fought men. Bad. Ass.

We agreed wholeheartedly. They asked us what we would like to wear if we could pick anything. We asked for the Outworld princess and her evil twin's attire - Kitanan and Mileena. It was a goal not to have a 'girl fight'. Form took place of a street fight in the ring. Please enjoy!


Fantastic Debates. ^^ Fantastic Fight Footage from FearNET!!

Fantastic Debates. ^^ Fantastic Fight Footage from Fantastic Fest!!

Armed with our very own Little Miss Risk to ring girl the event and our fists, Mortal Kombat did ensue. And I can totally relate to FIGHT CLUB now. There is very little as exhilarating as punching someone in the face and then being punched in the face.


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  1. they totally mixed you both up in the first video. le sigh.