Monday, October 29, 2012

The Jaded Viewer Sees American Mary in New York

"One can't talk about American Mary without mentioning the NON-CGI effects they employed. Special effects guru Todd Masters uses stellar prosthetics and old school blood techniques to get us some ample splatter and gore. The Soska's seem adept at giving us cringe worthy scenes that have a Kubrick-esque element to them such as when Mary goes all Kill Bill on her "victims". With some clever camera work,  I have never seen such  pure torture scenes become still photos worthy of a place in the MOMA."
The first person to ever write ANYTHING about our first film, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK, the fabulous Jaded Viewer saw AMERICAN MARY at her Film Society of Lincoln Centre in New York. It's really cool to that he had the opportunity to see the film. And dug it.

"Never have I seen a movie that delves into this subculture, treats it respectfully and slices in a perfect horror movie inside. I guarantee American Mary will etch it's way into cult status. It's perfect blend of sly black humor, absurd and eerie characters and torturous scenes of pain and agony that equal a milkshake of cult awesomeness. 
Horror movies have just grown up in a big way thanks to American Mary."


Thank you to everyone who has been going out to the screenings, the people who are telling their friends, and all the people who have been supporting the film. You, ladies and gentlemen, fucking rock!


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