Monday, October 01, 2012

American Mary Invade's Austin's KLBJ

 Jen and Sylvia Soska came by the studio today for little two-on-one time with CJ. The Soska twins, a.k.a. the Twisted Twins, are a package deal: together they can write, produce, stunt and star in their own horror movies. Ever sinceDead Hooker in a Trunk, their accurately named debut film, they've been churning out more blood and gore than a Tarantino film and more addiction than your favorite cult film. 
The twins are in town for Fantastic Fest, Austin's freaky film festival. Their newest movie, American Mary, is about a disenchanted med school student who gets involved in a shady underground surgery business. We're wondering if we can hire Mary to give CJ some breast implants.

What happens when you get the Twisted Twins, Katharine Isabelle, and Little Miss Risk all to your lonesome for a radio interview while they are in town for the American Premiere of AMERICAN MARY at Fantastic Fest? Fucking awesome things.


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