Thursday, January 13, 2011

Twisted Twins Join Director CJ Wallis for "Runaway"

Ladies and gentlemen, it's about to get wicked up in this bitch.

CJ Wallis would have to be our favorite person to work with and you bet your sweet ass that goes double, nay, triple when a 46" HD television is on the line. We are as happy as a 12 year old at a Bieber concert to be working together with him on his entry, RUNAWAY, for the Nokia N8: Direct and Project contest. CJ was approached by Chris at WOMWorld/Nokia to participate in this competition. You can get all caught up here.

Though we must, as always, keep our lips sealed on the particulars and plot of RUNAWAY, we can reveal that it will be directed, of course, by mister Wallis, it will be shot ENTIRELY on the gore~geous little Nokia N8 to showcase the handy little camera's impressive capabilities, we Twisted Twins will be lending a hand with the story, the sensational Jeffery Zablotny will be providing visual embellishments along with CJ, and the talented Connor Stanhope (above), seen as the young Lex Luther on SMALLVILLE will be appearing in the film.

Please read the FULL STORY HERE.

The top three entries will get to keep the Nokia N8 and have their short film uploaded onto the Nokia Canada YouTube page. The top film selected will also receive a "huge screen TV" and two free cinema passes for the year. The finished clips must be submitted by January 13th, 2011. The winners shall be announced live at a huge celebration held at the Vancouver Art Gallery on January 19th.

Stay tuned...

One final thing I can say is that we want that TV. We want it bad. It is a downright, bloody shame that a household that loves and lives for film like this one doesn't have a beautiful HD TV to enjoy our movies on. We WILL win that TV. If for nothing else, to see my exquisite Solid Snake in his full, high def glory.
Mmmmmm... hmmmm... that's some good Snake. Soon, my darling, soon.... I'm gonna go take a cold shower.


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