Monday, January 17, 2011

Dexter Cockburn -- What An Artist

I am floored by all the kindness, support, and love we have received since stepping into the horror scene. There have been so many wonderful people and opportunities we have been given. One being introduced to the fabulous feminist and horror writer, Hannah Neurotica, who interviewed us in her edgy, awesome, and insightful zine - Ax Wound. If you haven't read this zine or heard about it before, educate yourself here. It's a must have for any horror fan.

Not only is it written intelligently by smart folks that know their horror and their writing, but the layout and the artwork is beautiful, too - which brings us to Dexter Cockburn. He is a talented Vancouver (hey, I live there!) artist who is responsible for cover lettering on Zine #3. He asked if he could use some photos and then surprised us with this incredible kind and touching piece about us. This quote made my day --

"I have a confession... When my daughter grows up & if she wants to make movies like the Soska twins , I would be hard-pressed to feel any prouder! :) Of course if my son wants to direct horror, he's got my blessing also... it would just seem cooler if it was Savara on the other side of the lens directing the splatter!"

That is one of nicest things I have ever heard. Let me try one back at you. We're filming our next feature in Vancouver, you ask Savara* (and your son, Sebastian*) if they are interested in visiting a movie set and we'll be sure to bring you out on a good day to see if it's something they might be into. That'll teach you for being nice to me and Jen, mwa ha ha. But in all seriousness, thank you for your great art and your considerate words.

Now, I took a look at your other artwork, Dexter - you saucy sir - and I loved what I saw. I've included examples for those of you that may be unfamiliar with The Comix Company and Dexter's work. It reminds me of some Hungarian sexy comics I found when I was little - men and women's sexuality satirized with clever proportions, portrayal, and situational humor. For those of you that are less cheeky, you certainly wandered onto the wrong site, eh? Dexter has a very hip and cool style of drawing - I enjoy his drawrings.

Dexter's piece ends with hoping that we keep this up long enough to inspire his daughter as she grows up. Rest assured, sir. We are too stubborn, driven, and insanely ambitious to ever stop. I am beyond honored for your kind words. If you want to see more of Dexter's artwork and the Comix Company, check it here! It's adult themed, so if you be prepared for the before-mentioned cheekiness.


*Mr. Cockburn has let me know the kids are a bit young still (under 3 years old), but will be visiting a future production. :)

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