Friday, January 07, 2011

Meet The/El Mariachi

There are few independent films that have really given so much to independent artists in the way that EL MARIACHI has. EL MARIACHI was the debut feature film from Robert Rodriguez and Carlos Gallardo, during which there was a first hand acccount/ how to written by Robert that was later published in the must-have book for any film maker, REBEL WITHOUT A CREW.

The film and the book hugely inspired our first feature, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK, and as if that wasn't enough, El Mariachi himself - Carlos Gallardo - appeared in the film in an appropriate cameo role as God.

Carlos Gallardo is a remarkable human being. He has done so much in his fantastic career, but never forgets the indies. He is a wonderful, down to earth, incredibly smart guy. And you can meet him at this upcoming Sundance Film Festival -Jan. 20 -30.

Those of you lucky enough to be attending this year's Sundance, have a ridiculously awesome time. Send our best to El Mariachi and tell him we say 'hi.'


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