Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Deadly Delighted to be in the Dungeon

As January flies by and February quick on its way, it is almost time for Women in Horror Recognition Month. I am very excited. You must be very excited. I got even more excited when Rob Delamorte invited me and Jen on his show - Delamortes Dungeon Of Deadly Delights - to talk about Hooker, Mary, and the upcoming Women In Horror Month! Guest hosted by the lovely April Monique Burril aka Chainsaw Sally.

She's an incredible lady. Find out why, you'll be glad that you did. So glad in fact that you might want to send me a present for enriching your life so. Aw, shucks, that's so thoughtful of you! Send me your blood!!!!! Mwa ha ha!

A huge thank you to Rob for inviting us on and taking the time to chat with us, and dig our work - that means a lot. Thank you to everyone who has been checking in and getting the word out. You folks plain fucking rock.

Check out the show HERE!


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