Monday, January 31, 2011

Who is American Mary?

What does a DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK get you - other than the obvious best night of your life? Well, if you were one of the generous and driven folks that stood proudly behind the film and got the word out - it means that we will never forget your kindness. You are the reason why we have the privilege of making our second feature, AMERICAN MARY.

I will never forget the beautiful words and huge honor of making his Top Twenty Horror Films of 2010 list. I am speaking about the wonderful, Scott Ruth - The Horror Examiner. The gentleman will forever be in the twisted twin inner circle with every and all delicious tidbit disclosed. Good thing the guy can keep a secret (and he only has to for one more day!)

"The Twisted Twins have a big treat for everyone! Along with the special appearances from some of the horror genres most memorable ladies, there will also be a special appearance by the actress who will be playing the title role in their upcoming film! That's right, American Mary! We've all been waiting with bated breath to learn more of the details surrounding the second feature film from the Soskas, and at last, the name of the actress tapped to play Mary herself will be revealed!"

That's right. And Scott knows it all! Read and be teased here with the entire yummy piece. And give blood. On a personal note, I've had people I love more than anything suffer and need donated blood. It saves lives. It helps people. If watching horror movies doesn't bug you, then some little needle is nothing. Plus they give you juice AND cookies. It's like a non-stop party - get your party faces on!


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  1. I donate blood regularly and have since I was 16. It is important! Can't wait to see this movie.