Sunday, January 30, 2011

Starting Women In Horror Recognition Month off with a Bang!

This year we'll be doing our part to start Women In Horror recognition month off with a bang! For any late comers to the party, Women In Horror month is February, with world wide celebrations, film festivals, and special events!!

How will we be celebrating this year? Just with a little PSA for our MASSIVE BLOOD DRIVE. It happens all month long, world wide, wherever you are, whenever you can. Just donate blood. That's all. It's that easy. Send us proof via photos and video, and you'll be rewarded. Last year, we began getting behind this very worthy cause in celebration of WiH month and this year we are happy to be continuing this proud tradition with a new WiH Blood Drive video with very special appearances from incredible women in horror.

And we also have a little extra treat in store for everyone. We'll have an appearance by... (wait for it) the actress who will be taking the title role in our upcoming film, AMERICAN MARY. Yes, on February 1st via our site, you will not only have an amazing new Blood Drive video featuring some incredible ladies with original music from the Scarlet Ending, (if that's not enough for you!) you will also meet our Mary. And this, boy and grrls, is going to be some very big fucking news.

Horror Community prepare to go bat shit crazy.

Stay Tuned...


Right here.

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