Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Help Get Connor Stanhope to 1,000 Followers

As many of you know, tomorrow night is the Nokia N8: Direct and Project premiere and party at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Nokia N8 Direct and Project is a competition which will see talented local film makers direct a minute-long movie with a Nokia N8… and then project it through the device onto a big screen, in front of a live audience.

We Twisted Twins were happy to again be working with CJ Wallis (of FortyFPS Productions) on his entry, RUNAWAY. Though we aren't able to share the details of the film just yet, we can say that it is starring an incredibly talented young actor, Vancouver's own Connor Stanhope.

Fans of Smallville will know him as the young Lex Luther. This is certainly one talented actor that you'll want to keep an eye on. He's someone we Twisted Twins stand firmly behind. You'll be seeing much more of him and we look very forward to working with him once more.

Connor is trying to reach 1,000 followers on Twitter. As I write this he has 815. Boys and grrls, I think we can do even better than that. Please show your support and follow him HERE.

And wait till you see him in RUNAWAY with Sierra Pitkin and yours truly.

Coming soon...



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