Wednesday, January 05, 2011

You Know What Next Month Is...?

"Last February saw the start of something ever so slightly special, the first annual Women in Horror Awareness Month. The brainchild of the wonderfully demented and perfectly peculiar, Hannah Neurotica, Women in Horror month is our way, collectively working together to let the world know that there’s more to women in horror than just tits and scream queens. And that, SHOCK HORROR…this isn’t a new thing!!! The only difference is that now we’re standing up and letting everyone know that we’re here, and in all capacities."

Damn fucking rights, miss Morleysaurus. That time is almost upon us - February, Women In Horror Month. People are already excitedly planning what they will do and how they will celebrate. Jen and I are beyond honored to have our WiH-inspired Massive Blood Drive and us mentioned in this awareness-raising, well-written, and bitingly witty article written by the utterly fantastic, Jennifer Cooper. Thank you for getting the word about WiH and saying such kind words about the film --

"One of my favourite things about Ghouls on Film was having the chance to see the almighty awesomeness of Dead Hooker in a Trunk!!! This underground tribute to the good old grindhouse days is one of the most fun movies I’ve seen in the past few years. Directed by and starring the gore-geous sick and brilliant Soska sisters, DHIAT is a wonderful example of girl power in the industry."

Also --

"Jen and Sylvia Soska have fully embraced this awesome month, setting up a blood drive and encouraging everyone to Bleed for Women in Horror, how morbidly delicious right!?!. This is something that the girls will be doing again this year I’m rather excited to have been asked to be part of their video to advertise this bloody mission. Mwah!"

Huge humble thanks. And thank you to everyone who is participating in this upcoming Women in Horror Month. There is just this faction of society that has some sad misconceptions of the horror community and women's involvement/portrayal in it -- and this a great opportunity to get together with other horror fans (because that's what we all really are) and celebrate our favorite ladies in the genre. Because in what other genre is a woman the final girl and also Regan?

You can be a part of it. Febraury is our month-long call to all to forget about any ill feelings towards sharp and pointy and give some of that red stuff to folks that really need it. The Massive Blood Drive starts February 1st, worldwide. All you have to do is go to your local Blood Donation Facility and make your donation. There is a huge need for blood and healthy donors are the only source.

For those of you that need more convincing, as the above quote stated, there will be a new PSA to get you in the mood. There will be song. Stay tuned.


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