Sunday, January 02, 2011

Big Daddy Reflects on 2010

2010 is gone. A year filled with good, bad, and somewhere in the middle. Now is the time to look back, then move forward. What were the highlights? Well, as if nominating DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK for best screenplay and best direction for Big Daddy Awards wasn't enough, Big Daddy Horror Reviews has been kind enough to put the film on its year end summation.

"Or how about Dead Hooker In A Trunk? Up and coming writers / directors Jen Soska and Sylvia Soska took the simple idea of a group of friends discovering a dead hooker in their car trunk and then having these characters become involved in the most outlandish and most surprising situations imaginable. These films showed that horror film makers could still come up with high concept premises and stories."

The life of an independent feature exists only as far as people will support and pass along the piece. To be included in a year end piece along with so many other wonderful works is an immeasurable honor. Thank you, Big Daddy, for this privilege. Want to see where your favorites rack up? Read the entire thoughtful and witty article here.

Thank you for this, boys and girls. We have so many insane plans for 2011 that we are confident you will dig. We will be working hard to thank you for standing with us. Thank you.


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