Friday, December 31, 2010

All Things Horror Best of 2010 and Most Anticipated Films of 2011

All Things Horror
is wicked awesome. It is a downright epic site run by just TWO incredible gents, Mike Snoonian and Chris Hallock. Yes, it is a modern day miracle that just two people can create so much awesome, but there you have it. Awesome incarnate.

It's an incredible honor to have had ALL THINGS HORROR's support all year long and we are floored to not only have DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK make their TOP TEN HORROR FILMS OF 2010 LIST, but to also have AMERICAN MARY make their MOST ANTICIPATED FILMS OF 2011 LIST.

Be sure to click on the above links (y'know, the LIST NAMES that are all highlighted and just begging for a good ol' fashioned clicking...) to see why the films are there and what's radcore and coming your way in 2011.

Thank you most humbly, to the gentlemen of ALL THINGS HORROR and we promise the best is yet to come~!!

Bloody Best!

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